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A Cambodian Food Restaurant by a French Chef

By: Huykea Sun


The entrance to Cuisine Wat Damnak. The restaurant was changed from a Khmer traditional house to a restaurant. Photo by:  Phearum Sorn   

Cuisine Wat Damnak in the morning. With no guests around, there is a lot of empty space and in the kitchen, chefs prepare the ingredients for cooking. Photo by: ChanRaksmey Sor  



Cuisine Wat Damnak at night. The place feels more narrow because a lot of customers come and eat the dinner there. The waiters and the cooks are very busy because they need to cook the food faster for the customers. Photo by: Panharith Pov 



Joannès Rivière is the chef and the owner of Cuisine Wat Damnak. He is 39 years old. He’s from France and he has lived in Cambodia for about 15 years. Photo by: Leza Sorn   


The restaurant uses Khmer Ingredients such as  Khmer basils, gingers, and pandan leaves. The ingredients, some of them the chef grow by himself but some the chef bought from a seller. Photo by: Ena Im  




This is a decoration of the restaurant. And that picture that showing the two fishes is a Khmer fish too. Photo by: ChanRaksmey Sor   




The chef prepares the Cambodian spring roll for the customer. Photo by: Ena Im     



Customers come and eat this type of Cambodian spring roll because it’s more delicious and it looks good and clean so the customers like to eat it.  Photo by: Ena Im




One of the desserts on the menu was made from a Banh Hoi with a Chocolate cake and cream. Banh Hoi is a type of Asian food that make from rice it’s kind of rice noodle. Photo by: Phearum Sorn 



Customers come here and eating food.  This place is very beautiful at night time because of the decoration of the restaurant like the light and a lot of customers come and eat there. Photo by: Huykea Sun

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