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A Small Market Providing Jobs to People

By: Phearum Sorn

Skun has a lot of food for sale and people from different provinces come and stop here because they can eat food and relax here before a full day of traveling. Usually, when people come back from or go to Kampong Cham province they always stop in Skun. It is located in Cher Teal village, Pdaw Chom commune, Cherng Prey district, Kampong Cham province. Photo by: Phearum Sorn




The restaurant’s owner is the one who buys this land for the people to sell. The owner of the restaurant Romdoul 88 Skun was the first to buy this land and invite people to sell their food on it. Photo by: Phearum Sorn


 A lot of people buy quail in Skun. The sellers buy quail from the market and then fry it with chili, onion and other spices. Photo by: Huykea Sun


   A lot of people also buy coconut grubs (Duk Deur in Khmer). Sellers also buy the grubs from the market and then fry them with onion in the morning. Photo by: Phearum Sorn


The duck egg is another popular item for customers to eat. Seller sell two kinds of duck egg: one is a duck egg with a baby duck in it (Poung Tear Koun in Khmer – Poung Tear means duck egg and Koun means baby). Another is a duck egg that doesn’t have a baby in it and it can be eaten with chili salt. Photo by: Huykea Sun


Tarantulas were also popular with customers. All the sellers that sell tarantulas buy them from the market and then fry them with oil and onion. There are a lot of people selling it and it costs 1$ for two of them. Photo by: Huykea Sun


Crickets are also popular in Skun. They are very tasty, crispy and easy to find. Cambodian people like to eat crickets and we can find them during the rainy season. Crickets give us a lot of proteins which can help our bones and bodies. Photo by: Panharith Pov


Quail egg is an awesome food and snack to eat when you are traveling. People in Cambodia like to eat it with rice and some people like to eat it with sauce. Seller that sell quail eggs need to buy it from the market because they can’t find the eggs by themselves. Photo by: Phearum Sorn


When Cambodian people travel they like to eat something crispy and sweet, so Skun is a good place to buy crispy chips like banana chips and potato chips. The sellers make the chips by themselves and they are very sweet and crispy. Photo by: Huykea Sun


Customers can also buy fruit from Skun. There are oranges, pineapples, jackfruits, bananas, mangoes and more. Usually, sellers can plant fruits by themselves like bananas, oranges, and mangoes, but there are some that they can find it like pineapples and jackfruits so they need to buy it from the market. Photo by: Huykea Sun


The food in Skun is not too expensive, and a lot of sellers and people are starting to like this place more and more because of the good environment and friendly people. Photo by: Huykea Sun


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