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Keeping Cambodian Food Alive with Fresh Ideas

By: Dyna Chhem

Photo by: Leza Sorn

Psa Krom Market located in Psa Krom road, Krong Siem Reap. Both local Cambodians and foreigners come to buy some food such as fried-pork skin, fried chicken and some vegetables as well.

Photo by: Leza Sorn

The market bustles with noise and the sound of sellers shouting from their stands. The smoke of fried and grilled food rises up in the air, all over the atmosphere. Motorbikes and bicycles are weaving between food stalls.

Photo by: Leza Sorn

Usually, Cambodian steamed pork buns are white and don’t have any decorations, but one of the sellers in Psa Krom got an idea to decorate his Cambodian steamed pork buns from Youtube. These unique designs add a bit of flair to the traditional steamed bun.

Photo by: Leza Sorn

The seller, Bun Sun says his decorated buns attract a lot of customers. His unique ideas have boosted sales which makes for a happy salesman.

Photo by: Leza Sorn

The green buns are made using Pandan leaves. The white ones are made from regular dough and the pink ones are made using dragon fruits.

Photos by: Leza Sorn

Lim Heang Restaurant is a place that is mostly known for Borbor Pek (Phek Porridge). Porridge is one of the most popular foods in Cambodia. Cambodians usually eat it for breakfast. However, Phek Porridge is rarely known, because it is most popular in Battambang and Siem Reap. Phek porridge is a type of Cambodian porridge that is green and has a lot of vegetables in it such as mushrooms, pumpkin, etc. The color green most likely comes from the vegetable. Mouy Cheng opened her restaurant with her sister and brother-in-law. Because there are a lot of vegetables in this porridge, it is a perfect porridge for vegetarians and for those who love vegetables.

Photo by: Chan Reaksmey Sor

Boiled-Baby duck eggs ( “Pong Tia Kon” in Khmer) is a delicacy for Southeast Asia. Inside the shell, one will find a duck embryo forming into an adult duck and the egg can either be boiled or steamed.


Photo by: Chan Reaksmey Sor

Photos by: Cindy Liu

Usually, baby duck eggs aren’t eaten with Khmer Rice noodles in Cambodia. Normally Cambodians only eat them with herbs and pepper salt with lemon. However, this seller came up with an idea of eating baby duck eggs with Khmer rice noodles.

Photo by: Chan Reaksmey Sor

Fried pork-skin has a rough texture and is very crispy. It is dry and brown. The taste isn’t too sweet and salty. This fried pork-skin isn’t originally from Cambodia but an idea that the seller brought back from Thailand after working there. The ministry of Thai had found that there are 1.05 million Cambodian workers in Thailand. These might be one of the reasons that Cambodian food is adopted or influenced from Thai.

Reference of Cambodian workers in Thailand:

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