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Adding Cambodian Flavors to a Popular Dish

Chita, 22, Green Papaya salad seller at Takhmao riverside. Photo by Leza Sorn

By Leza Sorn

I think green papaya salad is Khmer food because everyone knows it and now it is popular all around the country, she said. Chita has been selling this green Papaya salad for one year already. Most of her customers are Cambodian.

There are different kinds of green papaya salad such as Thai and Laos salad, but the reason that makes hers tastes like Khmer food is that it includes Prohok (left) and Kapi which are Khmer ingredients.

Photo by Leza Sorn

                                                                           Photos By Leza Sorn

She also includes dry shrimps, peanuts, sugar syrup, spicy chili dip sauce in her green papaya salad.

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